loading Dock Pads and Shelters in Buffalo, NY

Our loading dock pads and shelters are built to help equipment wear and reduce energy cost for business owners. Krieger has different loading dock pad and shelter options to suit your business needs best. 


Dock Seals

Provide the most effective seal possible for your loading dock to ensure energy saving, security and safety. It provides all of this because the foam compresses allowing a weather tight seal to the trailer. The dock seals come in variety of sizes, colors and wear options.

  • Loading Dock Seals Buffalo NY
  • Buffalo NY Loading Dock Seals

Dock Shelter

Dock shelters are great for multiple size over the road trailers. The offer an all-around seal without being limited to one specific trailer size. I doses this due to the fabric warping around the truck regardless of your dock or door size to complete a proper seal from the elements.

  • Loading Dock Shelter Buffalo NY

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