We offer several varities of compactors to suit any customer needs. From self contained, limit space, apartment or precrusher our company can assit any customer find the most effective solution.

Vertical Baler

With so many applicable uses for the vertical baler, its ideal to make bales from 100 lbs up to 1800 lbs. It can bale various items such as paper, fabrics and even aluminum cans.

Loading Docks

With loading docks for any type of location we can find the proper solution for your facility to safely offload and load your products

Dock Pads & Shelter

Our dock pads and shelters come in custom built sizes for your needs to ensure that your facility has a complete seal to reduce your energy cost and equipment wear.


Additional Services

Dock Bumper

Our dock bumpers come in standard size 12"W x 12"H x 4.5" projection all the way to full truck length. Our bumpers even come with the option of steel faced to add to the longevity of the bumper.

Dock Conversions

Our dock conversions take an manual dock and turn it into a 110 volt hydraulic dock. It works great on docks where they are mechanically worn out but he deck is still solid.

Dock Light

From double arm to flexible arm led or halogen bulb lights our dock lights help anyone load or unload a truck easier.


Dock Brushes

Our dock brushes are able to be mounted to dock and doors from brushes to foam pads our products will keep weather and rodents out while keeping your energy cost down.

Interior Doors

We offer backroom/ stockroom swing doors and the strip doors. Our doors are sturdy and built to last.

Custom Fabrication

We custom build stairs and platforms for compactors customers needs. We also repair and rebuild handrails.


Equipment Refurbishment and Repainting

If you equipment needs a refurbishment from metal fabrication, hydraulic overhaul or just a cleaning and repainting we can perform it in the field or in our shop.