Loading Dock Rentals in Buffalo, NY

With so many style docks and options, Kriger has a loading dock rental option to fit any business need. 

Edge of Dock

This style dock is most effective for the end user that does not have the ability for a pit mounted dock or the room for a lift table. This dock mounts to the edge of the building but yet still effective to load and unload the product for the customer

  • Loading Dock Rentals - Buffalo, NY
  • Loading Dock For Rent  Buffalo, NY
  • Buffalo NY Loading Dock Rentals

The docks come in:

  • 60"-72" wide
  • Mechanical powered
  • Hydraulic powered (with mechanical option also)

Pit style Dock

The advantages of the pit mounted style dock is the dock sits level with the surface it is mounted in eliminating trip hazards. It is also is a very cost effective dock that comes in many types of docks.

  • Pit Style Loading Dock Rentals - Buffalo, NY
  • Pit Style Loading Dock For Rent Buffalo NY
  • Buffalo NY Pit Style Loading Dock Rental

The types of dock include:

  • Mechanical- Pull chain
  • Hydraulic- Push button that is powered with hydraulic fluid
  • Pneumatic- Push button that is powered by air
  • Vertical Storage- Is optimal for cold storage or warehouse facilities

Scissor lift dock table

Due to the high performance of the lift table its application is both versatile and very effective. The table lifts can lift 1,000 lbs. and up to 100,000 lbs. The tables stand up to harsh conditions and can be placed in almost any application and perform to the end user’s needs.

  • Scissor Lift Dock Table for Rent Buffalo NY
  • Scissor Lift Dock Table Rental Buffalo NY
  • Buffalo NY Scissor Lift Dock Table Rental

Some applications include:

  • Pit mounted
  • Surface mounted
  • Hydraulic operated
  • Pneumatic operated
  • Inverter
  • Container Handler
  • High Stacker

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